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Wood-cut Tanglin Gate Card

Wood-cut Tanglin Gate Card

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Let this woodcut greeting card transport you to the historic Tanglin Gate, an iconic symbol among the four main entrances located in the oldest part of the Gardens. Featuring a double opening, the card reveals meticulously carved layers of wood crafted from recycled remnants of FSC-certified hardwood, emphasising its environmentally friendly design, and showcasing fine workmanship inspired by the sculpture’s intricate metalwork. Enclosed in a white envelope with an elegant vellum sheet for your message, it offers heartfelt expressions for loved ones. Beyond a card, it can also be framed as an art piece or placed upright as a display décor. An instantly recognisable keepsake that celebrates a slice of the garden’s heritage.

Card - Dynasty Snow White Card 250gsm
Wood - Recycled FSC-certified Hardwood Remnants 
Veneer - Walnut (Greyish Brown), Maple (Bright Brown) Gatefold card type, vellum paper, white envelope


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