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Flora Malesiana Vol. 23 (2019)

Flora Malesiana Vol. 23 (2019)

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The Lamiaceae of Malesia is presented here, following its expanded circumscription, including genera formerly recognised as Verbenaceae and serving as an update to H. Keng’s 1978 Flora Malesiana Labiatae account. Fifty genera and 304 species are recognised as native or naturalised; the largest genera are Callicarpa (55 species), Clerodendrum (54 species), Teijsmanniodendron (23 species) and Vitex (21 species).

The introductory part includes a section on wood anatomy (by P. Baas). The genus and species treatments comprise keys, descriptions, drawings, references, synonyms, typifications, distribution, habitat and miscellaneous notes.

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