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The magazine opens with a slew of refreshing and innovative works by landscape and floral designers at the recently concluded Singapore Garden Festival. As Asia’s premier tropical garden and flower show, the event showcased endless possibilities within the fields of garden and floral design— exemplifying Singapore’s vision of a City in a Garden. But nature is not just merely pleasing to the eye; even as our eyes rove over an arrangement of greens, the sweep of a path through a garden, or even the curl of a petal—the psychological benefits are there. Research has shown that even a walk along a city street shielded by trees can offer positive physiological benefits for one’s health. Architecture is also discussed in this issue: to infuse greater amount of sustainable features into their buildings in the quest to redefine our relationships with nature, the traits of a truly sustainable building now needs to be rethought. Technology also plays a part in providing an additional depth to our interactions, supplementing the relationships between a city and its green-filled spaces, as seen in the interaction between citizens of the city of Melbourne and its trees.

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