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A Guide to Macrofungi in Singapore

A Guide to Macrofungi in Singapore

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Available for purchase from 27 May 2023

By: Serena LEE ML & Amy Choong MF

A Guide to Macrofungi in Singapore is the outcome of seven years of field work and identification in Singapore by Serena Lee of the Singapore Botanic Gardens and six years of teaching Fungal Biology by Amy Choong of the National University of Singapore. It is written for anyone who wishes to learn about fungi, and how to identify and classify the fungi they encounter.

This book aims to introduce people to the fascinating worlds of macrofungi and slime moulds (which may be mistaken as true fungi in their spore-bearing stage). As the first guidebook to Singapore’s amazing diversity of macrofungi and slime moulds, it sheds light on the current state of fungal taxonomy here, and seeks to highlight the importance of these organisms’ role in our ecosystem.

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