Reed Diffuser - Tembusu Fragrance [D9]

Reed Diffuser - Tembusu Fragrance [D9]

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Discover the beauty & grandeur of the Gardens’ living heritage with this intensely exotic floral fragrance with woody undertones inspired by the Tembusu Tree, which is  featured on the back of the Singapore five dollar note.


Instructions: Overturn the reeds to dip 2 - 3 times a week or more if required.

Ingredient: Reed Diffuser Perfume

Size: 3 fl oz / 150 ml

Item Code : BS000135

Once opened, a bottle of 150ml diffuser should last you approximately 4 months. Factors such as hot, dry weather, air-conditioning, and drafts are all factors that may affect the evaporation rate of your diffuser.

Always store the products in cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. If stored properly, the reed diffusers can be kept for approximately 3 years.

*Please note that this item is only available for purchase and delivery within Singapore due to the strict international restrictions imposed by various countries on flammable imports.