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Phalaenopsis Plantlet

Phalaenopsis Plantlet

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*Please note that all plantlets are only available for purchase and delivery within Singapore due to the strict international restrictions imposed by various countries on agricultural imports.

This Phalaenopsis plantlet kit allows anyone to grow a blooming orchid in their house. A great choice for a first time orchid grower.

Plantlet should be transferred into a pot with drainage and given plenty of light and warmth. Replant annually for best results and protected from direct sunlight.

Note: Remove plantlet gently and wash off any agar from the roots. Plant into an equal portion of mixed crushed brick and charcoal. Place in a humid and semi-shaded environment till established. Water regularly and repot when plant has outgrown the pot.

Diameter: 4 CM
Height: 8.5 CM

Item Code: SKU:BG000072

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