1001 Garden Plants In Singapore 3rd Edition

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By Lily Chen, Ang Wee Foong, Arthur Ng , Jessica Teo, Dr Jennie Tang

Now in its 3rd edition, the 824 page pictorial guide features some 2,000 exciting varieties of plants that can be found in Singapore’s green spaces, as well as a wide variety of plants that can be cultivated in the comfort of our own homes. This edition also features many new varieties of plants that have recently become popular in the horticultural trade, and also boasts an enhanced design and layout, as well as high quality images that bring out the essential characteristics of different species that enables users to better identify plants. With a simple, easy to use and appealing format, and informative icons on basic plant care, this title promises to be a valuable reference for gardening enthusiasts, plant lovers, students as well as professionals in horticulture and other related fields.